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- Ophthalmologic lasers
Argon, Krypton, Yag,
Colorant, Dye, Diode, Holmium

Surgical lasers
Gynaecology, ORL, CO2

- Dermatological lasers
Alexandrite, Yag, CO2.

- Lasers software
general medicine, physiotherapy

- Industrial and scientific lasers

- Accessories
Safety goggles, vacuum cleaner of operating theatre suite, power and energy measuring, ophthalmologic and exam glasses for surgery, medical fibre

- Apparatus ophthalmology
Angiograph, visual field, echography, pachimeter, spectrometer, microscope
Car refractometer, keratometer, phaco emulsificator, specular microscope, slit lamp, cryode.

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fast intervention
An effective service
A durable

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The experiment
The professional rigour
The sophisticated equipment

*        Our objective

Your satisfaction
To make last your material

We could operate on the following materials (non-exhaustive list):

Alcon, Laser American Dental, American Laser, Biophysic Medical, Block, Britt, Buffalo Filter, Candela, Gun, Cathodeon, Cilas, Coherent, Continuum, Cooper, Coopervision, Cynosure, Danville, DDD, Deka, DGH, Diamond, Diomed, Ellex, Medical Laser Euro, Eyesys, Fluorotron, Fotona, Geuder, Materiel France, Gish, Heraüss, Haag-Streit, HGM, Humphrey, Hyco, IDT, Interzeag, Iriderm, Iridex, Iris, Kaplan, Keeler, Konan, Kowa, Lasag, Laser Application, Lasercut, Lasermatic, Laserscope, Lasertek, Laserex, Lexel, Laserpoint, Living room Technology, LSI, Lumenix, Luxar, Mantor, Marco Technology, Master Phaco To emulsify, MBB, Medical Optics Center, Medinfo, Meditec, Melles Griot, Merrimack, Micro Control, Millenium Laser, Nidek, NIIC, Ocumetrix, OIS, OKI, Olympus, O.M.S, Optikon, Optrolas, Palomar, Pfizer, Photon Sources, Prein & Partners, First Systems Laser, Quantel, Raman, Rodenstock, Sat, Seiko, Sharplan, SLT, Sonocare, Space Laser, Spectra Physics, Stackhouse, Storz, Sunrise, Surgical Design, Takagi, Talia, Technomed, Teclas, TecOptics, Teknar, Thales, Tissue Medical Lasers, Topcon, Valfivre, Walker filtration, World Lase, Xrem, Zeiss

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